Touring Newfoundland's West Coast

My travels as a Canadian author have taken me to every province and territory in the country. Last week returned me to the west coast our easternmost province. Readings and writing workshops took me to its northern tip (only one road goes there), south to Port aux Basques and to many gorgeous spots in between. Sandy Chilcote of West Newfoundland-Labrador Public Libraries fame saw to it that I got to see places well off the beaten path, too – among them: Port aux Choix, where we spotted a whale; Phillip’s Garden, a 2200 year old Paleo-Eskimo site, and L’Anse aux Meadows, where the Vikings landed 1000 years ago; and Big Falls, a favourite spot for salmon fishing. We saw sun, rain, snow, rainbows, and fog – I’m tempted to say all in one day, but that MIGHT be an exaggeration. With all the fall colour, it was all fantastic.

West coast of Newfoundland

Of course I met lots of enthusiastic readers and writers, too. I especially enjoyed the workshops attended by teenagers and seniors (and a few people in between). I’d enjoy doing more of those in any of Canada’s other gorgeous spots.

West coast of Newfoundland

No matter how beautiful the place, how welcoming and friendly the people, how rewarding the workshops and readings, it is always great to be home again, too. Thanks to Newfoundland Public Libraries and to Canada Council for making this trip possible.

West coast of Newfoundland

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