The Bare Naked Book

Illustrated by Heather Collins
Published by Annick Press

A joyful and matter-of-fact celebration of the human body.

Age Level

Pre-school to kindergarten

Curriculum Connections

Human body, body image, family


Look for clues in the book that show that Kathy Stinson expected the people to most enjoy it to be toddlers and pre-schoolers.

Talk about the title. Would you have called this book The Bare Naked Book? Or something else? Why do you think Kathy Stinson chose this title?


[The Bare Naked Book] does more than “celebrate the joy of being bare naked.” It explores all the fascinating aspects of the human body, young and old, male or female. The text and illustrations go hand in hand to perfect these discoveries.

CM Magazine

The Bare Naked Book

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Other Editions

Also available in French.