A Tulip in Winter: A Story About Folk Artist Maud Lewis

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Illustrated by Lauren Soloy
Published by Greystone Books

A picture book biography that celebrates Maud Lewis and her artistic expression of joy and beauty.

Age Level

Kindergarten to grade 6

Curriculum Connections

Art, biography, history, Canadian artists, women artists, Nova Scotia, bullying, disability


For teachers --

Watch the NFB film Maud Lewis: A World Without Shadows with your students. Have them discuss what they think they would and wouldn’t like about living in Maud’s time.

Watch Maud Lewis at work in her little house in this 1965 clip from the CBC Archives with your students. Discuss what they found most surprising in the film.

For kids --

Find images of Maud Lewis’s paintings online. Choose a favourite and write to Kathy Stinson and tell her why you like it.

What do you find beautiful around where you live? Capture it in a painting, in the style of Maud Lewis or a style all your own.

If Maud Lewis was still alive, what question would you like to ask her?

Write about a time when things weren’t going right for you, and what you did to help yourself feel better about it.