Seaside Writing Retreat & Workshop

Sometimes, whether you’re a writer who appreciates a regular writing group or one who prefers going it alone, there are often points when working on a project, when you long for uninterrupted time to focus on it, or feel the need for fresh eyes to assess how it’s going.

The workshop/retreat that Peter Carver and I are offering in Nova Scotia in August will provide six writers with time and an inspiring setting in which to write, and meaningful feedback on their work.

Nova Scotia

You need to submit only five pages from a current work-in-progress when you apply, but the April 30 deadline for applications is fast approaching.

Whether you’re a writer with years of experience and publication under your belt or have only recently begun to explore your passion for writing, we welcome your application.

And in case you’re wondering, the beautiful woods and beach you see in the photos are only a few minutes walk from the house.

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