Your Chance to Write by the Sea

Every morning that I’m free to work on my current project – to write a new section, revise an existing one, or bash out some notes to help me work through a logistical problem – I approach my writing desk with eagerness for what might happen there this time. This may be because I love my characters and the world they inhabit. But it also has to do with the writing environment I’ve created for myself, in what I refer to as “the fish house”.

I wrote a post, last fall, about how I came to create this space out of a corner of my basement and why I call it “the fish house”, after returning home from our Seaside Writing Workshop/Retreat in Nova Scotia.

writing retreat

Writers craving time and space dedicated to their writing will be pleased to know that Peter Carver and I have decided to offer our workshop/retreat again this fall. Six successful applicants will spend September 7 to 13 with us on Nova Scotia’s south shore, with quiet, uninterrupted hours each morning to write (and yes, there really is a fish house), afternoon opportunities to get feedback on your current work-in-progress, chances to socialize with fellow writers, and for walking the beach, woods, fields, or rocky shoreline, too. We’re now accepting applications.

To help you decide if you should apply, why not read my earlier posts about the Seaside Writing Workshop/Retreat – which include testimonials from former participants and some pretty enticing photos of where you might be working in September, too!

Deadline for applications is April 30, 2014.

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