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The Eden Mills Writers Festival last weekend marked the beginning of a busy season of “being an author” (as opposed to actually writing, which I hope to be doing a fair bit of too). This photo is the audience for some other authors. My group was a tad younger.

Eden Mills Writers Festival

Coming up…

September 14 – Reading for the ebook versions of The Dance of the Violin, Harry and Walter, and Red Is Best. Who’d have imagined such a thing when Red Is Best was first published!

September 22 – A reading at Andrew Hunter Elementary School in Barrie, Ontario. Every child present will receive a copy of one of my books, thanks to First Book Canada’s program to promote literacy.

September 27 – School visits associated with Kingston Writers Fest (Kingston, Ontario). On my way to Kingston I’ll be interviewed in Toronto for the Spring 2018 issue of Canadian Children’s Book News.

October 13 – Readings at the Knowlton Academy (Knowlton, Quebec). On my way home from spending Thanksgiving with family, including their new puppy, on the south shore of Nova Scotia. I look forward to meeting the resident dog at Brome Lake Books in Knowlton too.

October 14
– A reading for families at the Knowlton Literary Festival (Knowlton, Quebec)

My husband and my dog might be attending this one! And I’m hoping the concentration of canines on this trip might be a harbinger of good news for one of my current works-in-progress this fall.

October 26 – An evening meeting with adults at the Tweed Public Library (Tweed, Ontario),  after which I get to spend a couple of days with friends who live nearby.

October 27 – A morning reading with students at a school in or near Tweed (to be announced). Thanks to the Canada Council for the Arts for funding the Tweed events.

November 9 – My turn to meet an author, Terry Fallis, when the CNIB launches the DAISY version of One Brother Shy, which was one of my favourite reads of the summer. I’m sure it was a treat for volunteer, Simon Curwen, to narrate this book for Canadians with print disabilities.

December 20 – The Canadian premiere of a multi-media version of The Man with the Violin at the National Arts Centre in Ottawa. From the NAC website:

Composer Anne Dudley brilliantly transforms Kathy Stinson and Dušan Petricic’s award-winning children’s picture book… With colourful video animation and a star performance by Bell himself, The Man with the Violin works its magic on audiences both young and old.

I’m looking forward to meeting readers on all these occasions. Will you be one of them?

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Kathy Stinson is the author of the classic Red Is Best and the award-winning The Man with the Violin. Her wide range of titles includes picture books, non-fiction, young adult fiction, historical fiction, horror, biography, series books, and short stories. She has met with her readers in every province and territory of Canada, in the United States, Britain, Liberia, and Korea. She lives in a small town in Ontario.

Kathy Stinson

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