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Kathy Stinson booksOne of the things I’ve liked about my website for some time is the visual gateway into information about my books that my tech-savvy and creative website manager set up on the Books page. Depending on the book, a reader can find Reviews, Excerpts, Ordering info, Interviews, Discussion questions or Activities, and always an answer to ‘Where did you get the idea for this book?’ and ‘What’s it about?’

But sometimes a reader/site visitor wants to know ‘What was your first book?’ ‘How many novels have you written?’ and that kind of information required a lot of digging.

Not any more. The recent addition of a Bibliography – in the ‘Books’ dropdown menu – puts dates, titles, and genres at your fingertips in an instant. Did you know that 10 of my books have been re-released years after their initial publication, sometimes revised, sometimes reillustrated? That info is in the bibliography too, as well as titles of short stories I’ve had published in anthologies.

What do you think I’ve written more of? Picture books or short stories or novels? Why not take a guess, then check out the new page on my website and see if you were right?

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