A Holiday in Your Honour

This summer my blog will feature of series of posts inspired by my sister. (This is not the first time she has inspired me.)

In a recent blog post of her own, she mentioned a question she posed to her followers on Facebook:

If a holiday was named in your honour,
what would it commemorate,
and how would it be celebrated?

After initially thinking I couldn’t think of anything, I came up with “Red Violin Day” to commemorate what are probably my most significant contributions to the field of children’s literature. Everyone would be encouraged to wear red that day, to make music of one kind or another, to take a stand on something they believe in, and to take time to notice something beautiful in their surroundings. And if anyone wanted to watch the movie, The Red Violin, that day, too, that would of course be entirely appropriate.holiday

When I turned the question back on her in a comment on her post, her answer blew me away. It’s so absolutely her! (If you didn’t click through to the link before, do it now!)

I was going to propose here some kind of holiday that commemorates sisters. Turns out there’s already a National Sister Day and it’s coming up soon!

Your turn now. If a holiday were to named in your honour, what would it commemorate? How would it be celebrated?

By the way, to all my Canadian readers out there, pondering an answer to the question, happy Canada Day!


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