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When I told friend and fellow writer Jean Little I was thinking of auditioning to read for the CNIB, she said, “Well, they don’t take just anybody you know.” It’s true! But they took me. This month I read Book #45 on my list of those I’ve narrated since passing my audition in 2004.

The Word CollectorNarrating The Word Collector by Peter Reynolds, it was important to convey to young readers with print disabilities a sense of the illustrations that help tell the story, without disrupting the flow of the text. It was fun to work out how to do that, with help from a CNIB staff member, and of course to narrate the book.

When I read the book aloud to my 5-year-old grandson, he insisted I read every word on every slip of paper in the illustrations. (He quickly learned to read TREASURE and SHIMMER himself.) And of course I did that in the Recording Studio too.

At the end of The Word Collector, Jerome takes his enormous collection of words and disperses them into the wind. Other kids eagerly gather them up. The last sentence (except for a final note to readers on the endpapers) is: Jerome had no words to describe how happy that made him. That means it’s not only about a love of words. It’s also about what writers do!

What ONE word would for sure be in your Favourite Words Collection?

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