What is it about me and titles?

Some months ago the subtitle on my biography manuscript had to be changed (and essentially, therefore, the whole title). Someone else had beat me to The Art of the Possible for their handbook about political activism. One of the working titles attached to my young adult novel-in-progress this year was Fault Lines. And didn’t Nancy Huston beat me to it with her new novel! (Can’t wait to read it. I’m a big fan of hers.)

The current working title of my ya novel is After Ivy – BUT I found out this week that there’s a documentary film coming on TVO this month called After Thomas! (Have to watch it. It’s about a dog changing the life of a boy with autism. I have a grandson with autism and boy does he ever love our dog Keisha!)

The novel is a long way from being finished and I’m sure I’ll come up with a good title for it before it’s done. What I came up for the biography is way better than my original title. But sheesh, a person could develop a complex!

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