RED Hair & RED Trimmed Pajamas in a RED Room IS BEST!

Red Is Best is now older than I was when it was first published. It has appeared in hard cover, soft, and in board book formats, as an Annikin, a Gage big book, and as an e-book. And it’s been translated in many languages so kids in other countries can enjoy reading it too.

Wow. Who knew that sitting down at my dining room table to pursue an idea I got after losing an argument with my young daughter would lead to all this?! I sat down to a typewriter after she and her brother were in bed, and wouldn’t have believed you if you’d told me that I’d even soon be writing stories on a computer.

Grandma reading Red is Best to her grandsonsAlthough I’ve spent more than half my life as the author of Red is Best, I never tire of hearing from people who have enjoyed reading it to their kids (at home or in classrooms), or from people who grew up loving the book when they were kids. Earlier this year my sister came across this photo on flickr. She contacted the person who posted it and, small world: the Grandma in the picture used to be a neighbour-friend of my former sister-in-law. The boys, by the way, are now eight years old.

Thanks to the Weirs for permission to feature this photo on this blog post.

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