Ontario Library Week

Saturday WalkCan you remember the first book you borrowed from a public library? Mine was Saturday Walk by Ethel Wright. I borrowed it on a library card that was green and bigger than my current library card.

Why would I remember that!? The book or the size and colour of my card?! Because it was a magic ticket – to worlds and into lives both like and unlike my own – and I imagine that I sensed that even when I was five and my parents took me to the Alderwood Public Library. Wherever I’ve lived since, I’ve always had a library card, and although I carry as little in my wallet as I think I can get away with, my library card is always there.

Now that I have a Kobo, I can borrow e-books from the Wellington County Public Library via the Internet, even when I’m travelling. Who’d have dreamt back in the 1950s that such a thing would be possible?

If it has been a while since you’ve taken advantage of the wonderful resource that a public library is, maybe this week – Ontario Library Week – would be a good time to rediscover it!

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