My Pinterest ABC

If you haven’t joined Pinterest yet, you’re missing out on a good, fun way of finding and organizing all kinds of material relating to your interests – however many and however varied they may be – and of sharing your interests with a whole world of people who share those interests.

Kathy Stinson on Pinterest

I joined Pinterest last year and the fun began when I decided how to set up my boards. Maybe it’s because I write kids’ books that the idea of a “Pinterest ABC” occurred to me. Coming up with titles for 26 boards that would reflect my interests and/or help promote my books was the first challenge. R for Red is Best was easy. F for Food was too. And D for Dogs and W for Writing. But X? Some people might have enough interest in xylophones to have such a board. I’m not one of them. The fun continues as I find things online and in other people’s Pinterest boards to add to mine.

Please come visit my boards. See what I did with X. Click through a few of the pins on the Man with the Violin board. Take a trip down memory lane on my Old Stuff board. And while you’re there, don’t forget to click on “Follow!”

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