Canadian Independent Bookstore Day

Canadian Independent Booksellers Day

Saturday, April 30 is your chance to celebrate heroes of the Canadian book business, Canada’s independent sellers. Read my take on why they deserve celebrating, and I’ll then tell you what they’re doing to celebrate you, their customers.

My friend says, “Books are cheaper somewhere else.”
But when people buy cheaper, author royalties are correspondingly smaller.
Indies care about writers and their ability to keep writing.
I like indie bookstores best.

I like indie bookstores best.
My friend says, “I like to browse online and have my books delivered.”
But many indies have websites and deliver too.
And remember — they truly love books and help support their creators.
I like indie bookstores best.

I like indie bookstores because indie bookstores are best!

All across Canada, for every book you purchase at an indie bookstore on Saturday, April 30, (in person, online, or by phone), you earn an entry to win book$ prizes. There are three prizes: $250, $500, and $1,000.

Every purchase of a book written by a Canadian author earns two contest entries. For more details, including how to find an indie near you: CIBD 2022 Contest for Book Lovers. (View Results)

Please help support me and the other authors, illustrators, and publishers whose books you love by shopping at independent bookstores every time you need a new book. We need them to survive and they need you!

Happy reading!


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