Book Exchanges

Books often pass through the hands of many readers.

This year I read Push by Sapphire. I enjoyed it (in the way one can enjoy a terribly sad story), but not enough to keep it. I gave it to my sister.

Book Club's Pajama and Potluck Book ExchangeWhen she was finished with it, she left it on the “Give & Take” bookshelf in the laundry room at her apartment building. In exchange she took The Endless Knot – a Canadian mystery by Gail Bowen.

Janet brought The Endless Knot to me when she finished with it. In exchange I lent her Water for Elephants by Sara Gruen. (That one I was not prepared to part with permanently. And maybe I lent her something else when she brought me the Gail Bowen mystery, but I know I lent her Water for Elephants sometime. Good sister that she is, she has in any case returned it.)

I enjoyed The Endless Knot (I gave it 4 stars at goodreads) but am not likely to read it again, and so last week, I wrapped it up for my Book Club’s Pajama and Potluck Book Exchange. I brought home with me A Rhinestone Button by Gail Anderson-Dargatz. Since I’ve enjoyed other books by this author, I look forward to reading it – perhaps when I’ve finished Peter Gzowski: A Biography by Rae Fleming, which I received from him last week in exchange for my latest book and one other. (I’d already given him the one biography I have written on the occasion of an earlier exchange. (Sad to say, I don’t recall what Rae gave me at that time.)

But when I have finished reading the Gzowski biography, Christmas will be upon us – the best excuse for book exchanges that my family knows of. 🙂

Happy reading!

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