March Break Fun

So, with the kids home for March Break, what are you going to do to help keep them entertained? (Besides reading lots of Kathy Stinson books, of course!) Why not take inspiration from the open-face sandwiches pictured here? (Get it open face sandwiches?)

These faces were created by various members of my extended family at the cottage one summer. Kids from 3 to old enough to have their own kids participated in an open-face peanut butter sandwich contest. We just loaded up the table with bread, peanut butter, and all kinds of things that are absolutely scrumptious with peanut butter (study the pics if honey or jam is all you can think of), and then we let everyone go to it. Before the eating began, we awarded prizes in different categories - plainest, funniest, most unusual combination of ingredients, and so on. And fortunately we thought to take pictures!

Why not let the food artists at your place loose? I'll bet you'll see more happy faces around the table than just those on the bread!

Allergy alert: If there are peanut allergies in your family or the group of kids you'll be hanging out with during March Break, almond butter, apple butter, cream cheese, or hummus can work as a base for holding all the facial features in place instead.

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