Red is Best

Illustrated by Robin Baird Lewis
Published by Annick Press

A child insists that red is the best colour — for everything.

A classic now available as a board book.

Age Level

Pre-school to grade 1

Curriculum Connections

Choices, colours, family, feelings, early reading


For teachers --

On separate sheets of bristol board, write 'Red Is Best', 'Yellow Is Best', etc, with an appropriately coloured marker or crayon (of course!) Have students collect pictures and glue-able objects to stick to each one. Then have students vote for their own 'best' colour and make a graph (or different kinds of graphs) to show the results.

For kids --

On a sheet of bristol board, write 'Red Is Best', 'Yellow Is Best' - or whatever colour you like best - with a marker or crayon of that colour. Collect pictures and glue-able objects to stick to it.


This timeless tale of one child’s stubborn preference for the color red has been marching its way into the hearts of readers around the world for almost 30 years. Now available as a toddler-friendly board book, RED IS BEST is sure to continue charming a whole new generation of readers.

Mommy PR

Available in picture book or board book form, this simple story celebrates the childlike love of a favorite color. The illustrations are clean and pop out from the white background. Pale blues and greens are used sparingly, setting the stage for the vibrant red to shine in the spotlight.


Red is Best gets it right. This is a true children’s classic. 

Ken Setterington, Children and Youth Advocate, storyteller, author of Branded by the Pink Triangle