Mom and Dad Don't Live Together Anymore

Illustrated by Vian Oelofson
Published by Annick Press

A realistic and reassuring exploration of a child’s thoughts about her parents’ divorce.

Age Level

Pre-school to grade 2

Curriculum Connections

Family, growing up, divorce, separation, feelings, cooperation


For kids --

Write a letter to the girl in this book. Tell her about your family. Do your parents live together or apart? Are there other people in your family you wish you could see more often? What do you like doing on weekends and on holidays? Tell the girl how reading about her family made you feel.


This sensitive portrayal of a child’s complex feelings about divorce, and her work toward resolving what feel like inconsistencies, will resonate with children in similar situations.

Healing Stories

In the beautiful and reassuring story, a child learns to adjust to the separation of her parents. In what can be a most painful and confusing time in the life of separating parents and the children within that family unit, here is a children’s story that offers healing and hope in the midst of that brokenness.

The Catholic Monitor, December 2004

Mom and Dad Don't Live Together Anymore

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Other Editions

Also available in Chinese and PrintBraille.