The Dog Who Wanted to Fly

Illustrated by Brandon James Scott

Published by Annick Press

A dog is determined to fly — to catch a pesky squirrel and to prove to a skeptical friend that she can.

The Dog Who Wanted To Fly

Age Level

Pre-school to grade 2

Curriculum Connections

Dogs, cats, optimism, determination, imagination


Imagine you are one kind of animal and your friend or classmate is another. Start talking and see what kind of conversation you have.

Close your eyes and listen to only the words of the story. Then make a picture of your favourite part the way you imagined it.

Imagine you can fly. Where would you go? Make a picture of how you think it would look from above.


A heartwarming story of the powers of affirmation and determination… expertly illustrated.

Kirkus Reviews

[The] story exemplifies how animals often act similarly to children: having conversations, asking questions, and boldly trying new things. Artwork… turns up the humour and add a lively zing.

Quill & Quire