Seven Clues

Published by James Lorimer & Company

Matt must solve a mystery when everyone but the unpopular David is away on holidays.

Age Level

Grades 2 to 5

Curriculum Connections

Friends, prejudice, intergenerational, mystery


Think of someone you’d like to make a treasure hunt for, and what kind of treasure they would like to find. (A book maybe, or maybe a game to play, something to eat, or something else you could make for them.) Pick six good hiding places for the treasure, and hide it in the best one. Write clues like those Matt and David found on the way to finding their treasure, to lead your treasure-hunter from place to place, ending of course with the one where the treasure is hidden. Don’t forget the postcard clue, to get the whole treasure hunt started.


Kathy Stinson does an excellent job in keeping the reader intrigued and in suspense throughout this book… No doubt [readers] will vicariously embark on a search to solve the clue themselves while trying to guess the clue’s source and its meanings. While delivering an enjoyable read, Stinson adds depth to her story by touching on the values of friendship and trust. One will also learn that preconceived opinions about people are not always correct.

The element of fun and adventure is constant throughout [the Pebble Creek series]. Stinson delivers numerous lessons as well. The stories are nicely paced and encourage continual reading. They can be equally enjoyed on their own or in sequence.

CM Magazine