One More Clue

Published by James Lorimer & Company

Matt discovers a mystery that has gone unsolved for many years — can he solve it?

Age Level

Grades 2 to 5

Curriculum Connections

Friends, jealousy, magic, intergenerational


What's the meanest thing you ever did to someone? Did you later say or do something to try to make up for it? What's the nicest thing you ever did for someone? Can you write a story about either or both of these things?


Stinson’s writing makes readers feel a part of the neighbourhood. Readers will become immersed in the fun of magic shows, secret places, and playing cupid.

The element of fun and adventure is constant throughout [the Pebble Creek series]. Stinson delivers numerous lessons as well. The stories are nicely paced and encourage continual reading. They can be equally enjoyed on their own or in sequence.

CM Magazine