Schools & Libraries

Kathy’s aim when talking with students from elementary through high school is always to inspire their interest in reading and in writing. Reading aloud from something she wrote as a child, a published book, and/or a work-in-progress is part of any visit. So is discussing the writing and editing process. Students get most out of a visit when they have been introduced to some of her books ahead of time. Having experience with writing themselves enhances the experience too.

Kathy Stinson - School & Library visits

Group Size

Primary grades
40-50 students for 30-40 minutes
in a library or classroom

Junior/Intermediate grades
50-75 students for 45-60 minutes
in a library or classroom

High school/College/University
any number for 45-90 minutes
in a library, classroom or auditorium

Partial funding may be available for school readings booked through The Writers’ Union of Canada.

Public libraries can apply for funding through the Canada Council. Since Canada Council pays the reading fee and travel costs, this is often the best way for communities outside of southern Ontario to arrange for readings.

Our students are all in a buzz this week. You truly connected on many levels. The common thread that keeps coming through is that you cared, you listened, you truly answered their questions and you inspired the creative juices in the young minds of today and the creative thinkers of tomorrow.

— Nancy Evans, Blessed Kateri School, London, Ontario

The kids are still talking about your visit. Your passion and enthusiasm for books is contagious and you have inspired them to create some stories of their own.

— Danny McCauley, Brome Lake Books at the Knowlton Academy