Conferences & Festivals

Whether your conference is for librarians, booksellers, writers, or parents — or your festival is for adults, children or both — Kathy can offer your group a dynamic presentation about writing, reading, being a writer in Canada, or another theme or topic of your choice.

In addition to the speaking fee, conference and festival organizers should be prepared to cover the cost of travel, accommodation, and conference registration. It is sometimes possible to share these costs with schools who may be interested in booking visits while she’s “in town”.

Here’s a smattering of comments from the surveys about your keynote:

Nicely done!

Kathy Stinson rocked! Very inspiring!

… spectacular and inspiring.

Great keynote by Kathy Stinson… Inspiring, gentle, powerful!

Congratulations. You did an excellent job.

— Karen Krossing, President of CANSCAIP

Thank you very much for agreeing to present at our first ever ECE conference. We knew that you would be a big draw for local ECEs. The participants have been inspired and motivated by your presentation and the children in their care will benefit!

— the Early Expressions team at KFLA Public Health

What a pleasure it was to have you as a guest of the festival. I know that the kids at Knowlton Academy are still talking about your visit. We look forward to seeing new books from you and know that they will find a special place on our shelves in the shop and at home.

— Danny McAuley, Brome Lake Books